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2000 Silverado Z71 4x4 5.3L 480k+ miles w/ GM rebuilt motor and trans
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My opinion:

You're going to need to replace the charcoal canister and stop "topping off" your fuel tank after it clicks the first time under normal operation. (Not while you're filling is being ridiculous, obviously...) By continuing to add fuel after the automatic shut-off, your charcoal canister has been turned to mush when fuel spills into it. I'm surprised you didn't find charcoal floated into the lines (common symptom).

Some guys on here never fill up beyond 3/4 of a tank because of this, but they're retired and eccentric. (No offense. 🙂)

1. Blow the vent lines clear with an air compressor.
2. Replace the charcoal canister.

Should be good to go after this.
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