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06 hood on 03 ?

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Not sure if this goes here or in the pretty section. Well anyway my question is can one install the taller 06 hood on my furrowed eybrow 03. Not sure if taller hood is HD or somthing. If not can anyone recommend an aftermarket supplier that has relevant pictures.
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I think the 06 hood is different but there is a HD "Highhood" on the 05's as well like my 06. Just curious but have you ever thought about an aftermarket ram-air hood from Keystone?
Here is a picture of the 03 hood

And a picture of the 06 hood
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darcy great find those hoods are amazing lookin!! but yea i dont think it will fit either but maybe someone else knows something...
The first thing i noticed was the hood and grill configuration is different between the years (06 has straight edge) so it might require the hood and grill combo for a factory hood swap that's why I felt these Keystone "Good Hoods" might be a better option and way cool look as well. Keystone also sells the ram-air kits to make these fully functional as well.
Just wanted to say thanks for all your help folks. And in case any one is wondering you can swap hoods from 03 and 06, however it requires the swap of the grill as well. 06 to 03 no problem. 03 to 06 two grill locater pins must have reciever holes drilled to accept the newer grill. The whole swap literally takes 20 to 25 mins with hand tools wich includes the time to align hood. If anyone is intersted let me know I'll see if iI can get som pics up.
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