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06 Sierra 4 wheel drive front end noise

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I bought a 06 GMC Sierra 4 wheel drive with 15k on the odometer. The truck is nice but at speeds above 65 mph it has a cyclic front end noise; sort of a woobly or rotational hum. It is quite annoying. Has anyone had a similar problem? This noise is not appearant below 65 or so mph. Thanks for any input.
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At those speeds, I'd say have the tires balanced and rotated. I'd also check your alignment. The vehicle should still be under the factory warranty...I just purchased an 06 Z71 Silverado and had some front end noise at low speed and the dealer replaced the steering bracket, crush collar at no cost.
I do appreciate your response. I am taking the truck to the dealer tomorrow. The truck is still under warranty. I drove it today and as long as I don't go over 65 I don't hear the noise. Around town no speed limits are above 65. My concern is when I go back on the interstate for longer trips. The speed limit is 75 and then the sound returns. Hopefully the dealer will help me out. This truck is a Z71 also.
Changed tires and rims; still makes the noise. After two road tests at the dealer, I went out with the mechanic. He finally heard the noise. He said there was a bulliten on the front differential. (why didn't he say that in the first place?) They are going to rebuild the differential. I love GM, but I cannot stand the way dealers address warranty issues.

Hopefully this will fix it.
vjjack04, When you get a chance, please post that bulletin on the front diff. That will definitely save some time in the future if mine starts going bad.

Good luck!
I will attempt to get the information (where to get the bulletin) from the dealer. I left my truck there tonight and will pick it up in a day or two.

I will also let you know if it works.
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