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Hey everyone,
I have an 06 Z71, I dont use the 4x4 all that much but I noticed that when I do it makes a fairly loud rumbling noise (almost as if I had mud tires on driving down a paved highway) It will vary between being a soft rumble to a fairly lound one and especially so when I turn. (I never turn that sharp in 4 wheel, so I know thats not the issue). I would like to know if this is normal due do the front shaft now being engaged, or not! I have been in a few other trucks but have not really noticed the sound before, altough I have not had the chance to get into a silverado. I have had a service tech take a look at it and they say everything is fine, but I just wanted to know if anyone else has had an issue like this before.

Also I have noticed since the snow has started to fall, a bright yellow substance on the ground close to the back end of the truck. I have seen it twice now and Im not too sure as to what it could be. I thought at first it could be a cat or some other animal but there are no foot prints around. Is there any fluids that could be this colour that may be leaking or is it just an animal?

Any help with either of these would be greatly apreciated, thank you!

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