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06 Tahoe 2WD first drive in snow- unimpressed!

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It's snowing like crazy here in Denver and I just drove our new to us 06 Tahoe from downtown to our home about 5 miles away. It was no bueno.
Some background info on the Tahoe
Full tank of gas
Tires: Cooper Discoverer AT3 with 60-70% tread remaining (maybe more)
G80 Differential

I made it home safely, but had difficulty starting from a stop. Backend would start to slide one direction or another almost every time. Braking was fine. Even on streets without snow pack (freshly laid snow) I had a hard time getting up slight inclines. I tried it in both 2nd gear and normal Drive- same result, very little traction with the unnerving feeling that the backend would slide around (not excessively). To be fair, it was very slick/icy but not ridiculously bad.

My wife refused to take it back downtown when she left a few minutes ago (daughter is playing in a volleyball tourney) We still have our '99 Suburban and my wife took that instead- said it handled "like a boss".

I'm seriously reconsidering my 2WD purchase. Some things I've read is that the 2WD Tahoes get around fine, but I was more than unimpressed.

Should I have disabled the Stabilitrak? Or are these just dicey vehicles in the snow?
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My '09 is fine in 2WD (G80), my previous Envoy was fine in 2wd (also had G80). It is tires in my opinion. Try the '99's tires on the '06
I had to look up the AT3 tires, they look like they would be good snow/ice tires; but, I've bought work boots that also looked like they would be great on ice and spent the winter on my ass.
I use the Michelins as well and they work great in Saint John. We usually have a winter of freezing rain and ice and the right tire will work fine in 2wd. Not saying run out and buy new tires, just talking about what looks like it would work and what really does work.
Bill, we agree on the LTX, best ice and snow tire I have every bought........however that comes with a will peel a little off the gas mileage...........a hard rubber thread will deliver the best gas mileage.

I also agree with your LSD info, when both rear wheels are loose, there is no lateral stability and the rear end will "fall" to the low side of the road surface.

However, I disagree with the 2wd, all season, observation. A "good" driver can take a 2wd/all season tire vehicle into a lot of places, ya gotta know when to give a little gas and when to lift your right foot.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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