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Hey everyone, I want some opinions here.
my wife’s LTZs 5.3 started tapping loudly (almost a knock) on cylinder 7 at 260k. I figure it’s the lifter or something shot, only runs on 7 cylinders most the time.
Fast forward to 270k (lol), I finally picked up another 5.3 off Facebook out of a 08, with supposedly 120k…
I’ve got it 5 foot high in the shop replacing
Rear main
Updated valve cover
Valve cover gaskets
Oil pan gasket
Oil pressure sender
Valley pan gasket
Plugs an wires
Exhaust manifold gaskets
Think that’s all
Question is, would any of y’all think now is the opportunity to change the oil pump? Or anything else? I wanna slap it in and be good for another 150k. Wife is still driving the truck as is, I put some Lucas oil stabilizer that brought the oil pressure back up haha. So I’ve got the time to go deeper, just don’t know if it’s worth it.
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