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08 silverado 5.3L irregular idle

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Hey guys, I just ported and cleaned my throttle body today, and since i replaced it, I've noticed the revs to be slightly different than before. For example, when I put the truck back into park, the idle will shoot from about 600rpm to about 1500rpm and hold for approx. 30 sec. before finally returning to 600rpm.

I did read on another forum that the ecm needs to relearn its throttle positions, and that it modifys to the driver's 'style'. Apparently it can take up to 200mi for for the ecm to relearn this. However I need verification on this. Thoughts? Thanks
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I found this useful PDF, followed the simple instructions, and now throttle/idle is relearned, back to normal. I'll leave this document here, should others have the the same problem I did. Cheers!
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