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A few of the differences I can think of, but I'm not sure about specifics.

1) 2500 use a 14 bolt rear (and accompanying larger front diff if 4x4) where the 1500 (5.7L) use a 10 bolt rear and 8.25 front IFS
2) Most 2500's would use the 4L80E transmission rather than th 4L60E
3) Frame differences. I got the impression once that the frame differences are significant enough to make it difficult to put swap front drivetrains in 4x4's
4) 1500's didn't have the big block option, most (99%) being powered by the 5.7 L. While the 5.7 isn't unheard of in 2500s, the 7.4 is also available as well as the diesel.

While Ford and Dodge have continued to use solid front axles in 4WD 2500+ trucks, I'm pretty sure GM abandoned the SFA in the '80's. If you go back far enough (I'm not exactly sure what year), you would find that all Suburbans/Blazers/etc. came with a SFA (4wd versions, anyway). You didn't say what era Suburban you are talking about, and I don't know for sure how many differences there were between a '75 1500 and a '75 2500.
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