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Are you able to test drive it again, and take it to your mechanic buddy? You would be able to look it over a little better, maybe on a hoist, and wouldn't have the dealer looking over your shoulder. While you are driving, make sure the odometer is ticking off the miles like it should. Check the suspension rubber for weather checking, too. That might give an idea of how much life this truck has had.

I'm with the rest of the gang; $2500 is a good price for that truck, in that shape, for what you want to do with it --- if it doesn't need a major fix. A little backfire could just mean it needs a tune-up, and I've always said that a truck that old isn't leaking - it's marking it's territory!

Also, see if you can get a picture of it and post it up. This group could probably tell you if it's original paint.

Good luck,
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