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Hey guys, i have only posted once on here before and you guys helped me out alot. My timing on my 1980 Chevy C-10 is a little bit behind but since my last post i have rebuild the 2 barrel carb, replace the PCV valve, installed a new air filter, installed new plugs and wires, and i have also installed a new ignition rotor in the distributor. I have also installed a new carburetor manifold gasket. now for the new problem that has introduced itself. When parking on an incline or a decline or just flat land even, i have found that my truck wont shift into park like it should. You have to slam the gear shifter on the steering collum up a few times before it pops in.if you are on an incline, it will sometimes go "CLANK" and start to roll back. Thank god for parking breaks:) i have incorporated them into my parking routine. i know for a fact that i need new U-joints in the driveshaft, im not thinking that would cause this issue though. also, while driving i have to let off t he throttle to help it shift into the next gear. If you stay on it, it over-revs and then kinda slams into the next gear all acquard like. Any help would be appreciated, ill also be posting the the carb related area of this forum for more help on another issue im having.

Thanks guys,
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