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1988 C2500 5.7 brake lines

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I am having problems finding the front to rear replacement brake lines for my 1988 GMC C2500/2WD long bed. I have broken down to just getting aluminum tubing and unions. Can canyone tell me what the O.D of the brake tubing is? Or even if they know where I can find the replacement lines? Any help is appreciated.
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There is probably a real good reason why aluminum isn't used for brake lines.
Two guesses, it corrodes faster than steel and you can not double flare it.

You said aluminum and unions, if your suggesting compression fittings, you'll regret that choice, compression won't take the pressures.

Have someone make the lines for you.
Or, in Canada, we can buy lengths of pipe with fittings and flared, in multiple lengths for universal purposes. You must have parts stores that sell universal lengths.
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