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1990 Fuse Replacement?

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Update: took advise to start it but it wouldn’t turn over. No clicking; no nothing.

Hello - first time poster. I did try to find this in the community before posting. My brother has a 1990 S15 that he believes he pulled a 30 amp standard fuse from somewhere other than the fuse bank.

He thought it was a fuse that impacted the power/alternator. He can’t remember where he pulled it. I have reviewed the Haynes guide, and have spoken to a mechanic in person who was kind enough to pull up the specs for the wiring diagram for the fuses - nothing. I know there is a pump relay on some models this year that is on the fire wall - found a diagram of that and one short video on YouTube, but his truck doesn’t have that and the fuse is not the right amps.

My brother has issues with memory due to a head trauma, but he has fixed many a vehicle. I am here trying to help him get moved from the apartment he was renting where the truck is parked and to near me, 4 hours away. The truck is not registered or insured, and he doesn’t have the financial means to do so, and I need to get home to my four children. It is the 6 cylinder, 4.+ engine. I can not find anywhere on the internet or the diagrams where a30 amp standard fuse would go. If he hadn’t had the fuse set aside to be put back, I would think he was just imagining the memory.

It would be irresponsible for me to pay to tow it, or tag it, or attempt to drive it 4 hours if I can’t confirm the fuse is not needed or it has been replaced. I have my tools with me, including my battery charger/maintainer and charged the battery last night. I have not even tried to start it because I am worried to have to charge the battery again if indeed the alternator is disabled.

If anyone has the fuse diagram for this specific truck from the owners manual, maybe I can confirm no crucial fuses are missing? Or any ideas on how I can confirm this? Or what the darn thing could be for? This is the most lost I have been working on a vehicle.

Thanks in advance for ANY HELP!
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One start won't kill the battery, try to start it and see what doesn't work.
One start won't kill the battery, try to start it and see what doesn't work.
Thanks for taking the time to respond. That makes sense, I wasn’t sure if it was too risky. The one tool I didn’t bring was my multimeter… I am sure Google can get me the answer on how to check if the alternator/battery function is impacted without one. And please forgive me if I am sound like someone who knows nothing. Today I feel like that! Lol
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