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1992 4.3 sierra wont start unless gas petal to the floor

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what could be my issue? it only starts when i have the gas petal all the way to the floor.
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Take the air cleaner off so you can see the injectors in the TBI. Have a helper crank the engine while you watch the injectors with a flashlight. Are they spraying fuel as soon as it starts cranking?
Since you made no mention of running problems after it starts, I'm assuming it runs fine after it starts, so I would give the fuel pump & filter a free pass for now. (It's much easier to look at the injectors at this point than to get a FP tester & check the fuel pressure (although this may be in your future) If the injectors aren't spraying fuel when first cranking, then the ECU is not grounding the injectors for the start. This is usually due to the ecm in the dist. not sending a strong enough pulse during cranking (slow speed) While you have the hood up, look at the wires coming from the distributor. Do you have the 4 wire plug?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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