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1992 454 2500

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Hi! I'm a new member. I'll try to post a picture of my "new" p/u. I live in Blythe CA by the Colorado River on I 10 about half way from Phoenix and LA. I recently bought the above p/u. I think that it has 75,00 miles.

I have a question. Most of the time the truck has started good. The times that it would not start seems to be traced to the "electronic card" that was installed under the dash as an anti-theft device. It seems to get loose. I have started it twice, and a friend/mechanic once, by jiggling it. I don't know if it is the card or what the card (about the size of one that plugs into a digital camera) plugs into.
My friend's dad who is a mechanic and has worked on another son's '92 Silverado, thinks that it must have been installed by a dealer. But the way that it is wrapped in black electrical tape, not professional looking, makes me wonder about that.

I could get digital pictures of this.

Any ideas of how to dismantle this setup? Would it be very hard. I have had a little training in electronics and have my friend and one good contact for help. I don't have much cash after this purchase. I know of a company that I think sells wiring diagrams on the internet for $10 but I don't know if it would cover this. I have had some help at the local Chevy dealer on another matter. I am also going to try to get to a classics car club tomorrow.

I tried to send the picture and got a message that the file was 275 KB and the limit was 100 KB or so. Seems odd. I just sent another one from my email that listed it as about 50 KB, but when I tried to send it I got a message that it was too big. Anyway the truck is blue and looks very good, to me. It drives great. My brother-in-law has one, but a smaller motor, and prefers it to a 2003.

Thanks for any interest or help.
Don W
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Anyone have any experience with this?
I found a set-up like that on a Camaro I bought for resale, it also wouldnt start unless you jiggled the flash card. The P.O. gave me the name of the shop that did the installation, but as luck would have it they were out of buisiness and I couldnt track down the company that made the security device.
I fixed the problem by tracing the wires back to where they had spliced the security system into the factory wire harness then cut the spliced in wires and and matched the factory wires by their color codes.

A couple recommendations:
If at all possible solder the new connections, then heat shrink them.
If the wires are streched tight to make a connection splice a piece in between them to allow slack.
Disconnect the battery before starting work.
And follow every wire to the end/connection point.

Unless your color blind even an novice car mechanic should be able to do this with simple tools and little help or training.
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:sign0016:Ditto. Back in the day when I repo'd cars we would come across those circuit card ignition interrupts, and alarms with ignition kill functions. The only one I had difficulty with were the fuel pump cutoff type that would let me get it out of the driveway and leave me stranded. Just trace the wires and remove it, they are more trouble than any protection you might feel you are getting from it.
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