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1993 2500 Chevy Aftermarket Radio Harness issue

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Hello, I have got 1992 Chevy Silverado 2500. I am currently having wiring issues on the radio. To answer so quick questions the factory harness was not been cut off it has been plugged in to an adapter to splice to the radio. The fuse on the back of the radio is good, using a test light I have checked my fuse block under the radio fuse and I am getting power but when I trace it back to the factory harness I have no power this is on the 12 V ignition wire(Red). I do have power on the yellow 12 V constant memory wire. So just taking a shot in the dark I don't think it's the ground on the factory harness otherwise I would not have any power on my 12 V constant (Yellow). Does anyone have any suggestions or has had the same problems as me?
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Hey I had this same problem on my truck! tore the wires out to take a look where they went to see if i could find a pinch. The yellow wire keeps constant power running to the radio even when the truck is off, helping the radio keep it's memory. If you take the yellow wire and just hook up an extension to it you can run it through your dash and have it come out by your fuse block to the bottom left of the steering wheel. take your tester and see what fuse holder has constant power to it with the keys out of the ignition and just pull that fuse, strip the end of the wire and put the end of the wire in the fuse holder and put the fuse back in. having the wire wired straight to the fuse block will keep power running to your radio and it will function like it did before. this will probably be the easiest fix to your problem and since i have done it to my truck i have had no problems
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