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1994 Chevy C1500 - Possible Ignition Lock Cylinder Problem

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My son has a 1994 Chevy C1500 and we had a problem today and I want to see if it's what I think it is. The part where they key is inserted is stuck in the forward position (not all the way forward) and it will not go back to the off position. We are able to pull the key out in while it is in this position. We tried using WD40 to see if that would loosen it up - not it did not help. Do you think it's the ignition lock cylinder? I want to but the part and have someone replace it versus taking it to a dealer. I'm new to this so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Is the truck a stick or auto? Some of them had a release tab under the key slot. Have you tried rocking the steering wheel? If it is auto, is the shifter all the way up and forward? Has it been acting funny recently, leading up to this? The key in my '89 would come out in any position, too.

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I give it about an 80% chance of it being the lock cylinder. The way that column is set up, the lock cylinder turns a little gear that works a rod about two feet long which moves the actual ignition switch. Either the lock cylinder is just worn out or the gear is hung up on something. Either way, you have to take the column apart, which isn't all that hard. All you need is a steering wheel puller and a lock plate remover, both of which can be rented from any auto parts store. The lock cylinder itself should cost about $10.
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It is automatic. It doesn't have a release tab - and yes, I've tried rocking the steering wheel. The shifter is all the way up. I don't think it's been acting up. I purchased the truck about a year ago - it's been sitting in my garage undriven (but started regularly) until recently when my son got his license. He drove it for 5 days and then this happened.

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Thanks - I think that's probably what it is. Now - I've just got to find someone that makes "house calls." Car repairs isn't something I've perfected! :)

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how would I?

if i were to change out the cylinder. how would i? ive gotten the steering wheel off. and i took off this metal ring that was held on by 2 starhead screws. now there is a toothed ring i cant figure out how to get past
I have a similar issue
Ignition turns but NOTHING happens, no clicking, or other noises. I have found that if i keep the ignition turned over and wiggle the shifter in intermittently turns over. So i am not sure if entire ignition needs replacing, or that gear or rod that Chris miller was talking about???
It sounds, to me, like it is tbe Park/Neutral switch on the transmission.

When the switch is bad, the ingition thinks the transmission is in gear.
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