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1994 Silverado Z71 Diesel

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Im currently looking at purchasing a 94 silverado.... and i have a few questions i was hopin someone on here can help me with....

1) What do u guys think of the 6.5 turbo diesel?? "Built like a rock" or just another gm lemmon

2) Is it hard to change the interior panels to a newer model of the C/K's (like to a 98?)
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My truck has a 6.5TD in it.

Its one of those things you either love or hate. It isn't a heavy duty engine like a Duramax, Powerjoke eerr Powerstroke, or Cummins but it is plenty of power for most anybody out there.

I will say that the 93 and older all all purely mechanical, no computer junk or sensors. Those things are rock solid awesome in my book. Very very very rarely do you get any problems in those things, and when you do it is normally driver abuse.

the 94 and up are the electronic ones. They are more troublesome then the mechanical ones. The injection pumps and lift pumps for the fuel system can be problematic but aside from that IMO they are still great engines.

Now if you treat it like its a heavy duty diesel engine and try pulling 20,000lbs or something like that with it, you will kill the engine quickly. But if you stay within the trucks weight ratings and you properly maintenance the truck it is great.

All of that is just my .02 thou, take it for whatever you want.
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One of my buddies had a 6.5 in his 94 and he loved it and never had any problems at all with it. As far as the interior panels, I couldn't tell you, but if you're speaking of the door panels specifically, I would think it would be a simple swap because they are the same doors.
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