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1995 4l60e Transmission Issues

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I did a quick search and came up with nada, I'll search some more as I am used to educating myself when I need to, which is real often.
Here's what I have going on. I bought a 95 two door Tahoe (been wanting a two door for years). The Tahoe has a transmission in it from 1994 installed by the PO. It drives and backs but will not shift from what I understand the Computer will not run the 94 trans because 95 is a stand alone year. I have reached this conclusion after reading what I can find on the subject. The original transmission is in the back of the Tahoe. I talked to a transmission mechanic and he confirms that the 95 computer won't run the 94 transmission.

So I have a 99 Yukon with a rebuilt engine and a 4L60E in it also 4wd, what I am interested in is; "can the trans engine and computer and harness from the 99 Yukon be installed into the 1995 Tahoe? The later model trans is longer so the rear cross member has to be moved towards the rear which is usual when installing late trans into early trucks.
So all the Body Work has been done and the Tahoe has been sprayed white, it looks good, not a ding in it. The TBI engine should be changed out at some point, unknown miles on rebuild. I am thinking to just have the orig trans rebuilt @ $750 with shift kit or change out the whole drive train and get away from the 95 only situation.
I am interested to know if anyone else has done a drive train switch or if in fact the 94 trans will work and needs solenoids (wishful thinking) to shift. I am thinking 1993-94 same, 95 alone, 96 up different till 2001?
In any case the trans is 133 lbs without fluid and I am only wanting to do this once.
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