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1995 Gmc Safari Speedo convert from Kilometres to Miles

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Hi All

I have purchased a 1995 Safari here in the UK,

My problem being that the Speedometer and odometer display and read in Kilometres, with MPH on the inner circle of the speedo
I would like to be able to convert this so it reads mph and the odometer reads miles.
my first step was to get a white dial dash (still to fit) with mph on the outer circle. this is a direct replacement for the original black one therefore the speed incriments are in the same posistion, just displayed in mph outer circle and kph on the inner, although this will solve the
speed issue, it still leaves the odometer in kilometres.

Q1 are the speedo heads the same on mph and kph with the exception of the displays?

Q2 are there different VSS?

Q3 are the buffers different?

has anyone done this conversion before and can help.

the other thing that is a minor glitch is the speedo reads 5mph out (in ref with sat nav) through range this is possible due to the tyre size 235-55-15. this can be corrected and calibrated with the aide of my Sat Nav by relocating the needle to suit after fitting the white dial dash!

Thanks Dave


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