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1996 Chevy C1500 Water Leak

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When it rains or i wash my truck water leaks into the air box under the dash. When i cut the AC or Heat on, the water leaks out of the airbox onto the floor mat on the passenger side. Anyone know what causes the water leak from the outside?
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If I recall correctly, there is possibly a crack in the air box under the grille next to the wiper mechanism shaft.

Remove the passenger side corner piece of the wiper cowl, remove the screw, and apply a little silicone and re-install.

The hole for this screw sits directly above the air intake for the AC/heat ductwork box. This is a somewhat common area for these trucks to leak water into the cab.

If that's not it, you may need to remove the whole wiper cowl. There's a metal cover over that area that the factory uses seam sealer on; sometimes the sealer cracks or fails and will need to be re-done. Less common though.
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