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First I should say I am a complete 'Newbie' when it comes to Chevy trucks.

Truck has the electronic transfer case. 1997, 114,000 miles on the odo, bought it this spring with 107,000 miles, it had had a lot of work done on it by previous owner but no transfer case problems.

Two things primarily concern me:
a) The truck produces that "tranny-smell" after a drive in 4wd. I use 4wd as sparingly as possible and never on bare pavement; doesn't matter, still smells a bit.

b) Should I be able to tell audibly that the truck is in 4HI? Because it makes a slight whining sound when in 4wd and power is going to the wheels.

and c) Today I had to use 4HI to get up a hill, engaged before I hit it, let off the accelerator to try to get it to go in smoothly, heard the thump of the axle engaging and began to go up the hill. 4wd was clearly engaged because I gave it gas going up and no slipping and back-end stayed true...but when I got to the top and noticed the 4HI light was still blinking, and I smelled that burning smell through my vents.

Anyway, so like I said I know nothing, what's the rep. of this electronic transfer case...a common failure? Does this sound like abnormal bevhavior? What can I do to prevent it, just check the fluid and top off if necessary and hope for the best?
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