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1998 Chevy pickup manual transmission very hard to shift... clutch problems? Help?

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Hey there,
I'm having some problems shifting in my 1998 Chevy Cheyenne, crew cab, 350 engine. It's a manual transmission, and basically, it's just really hard to get it into any gear. It's definitely driveable (I drive it almost every day), but I have to really force it into the gears, even with the clutch fully depressed. It also grinds like crazy when I try to shift into reverse.
The clutch engages when the pedal is pressed almost all the way to the floor.
Any ideas on what the problem is? I need to drive this truck up to Alaska in a couple weeks, so the sooner I get it fixed the better.
Thanks! I appreciate it.
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Sounds like either the slave cylinder or the Clutch Master cylinder is shot, which isnt allowing the clutch to fully disengage.
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