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I may be over thinking this.

I currently have a 2.75" dual back to a 3" 2 in 1 out (DI/SO) magnaflow muffler then exiting behind the back tire.

This setup has been on the truck for over 100k miles and now the exhaust pipe over the back axle has rusted through and around. I currently have some exhaust repair tape on it but was thinking that maybe I will switch things up just a little if I have to fix it any way. Nothing drastic but I might change mufflers. The magnaflow sounds good still but I want something louder without pissing off the wife :). I will also have them change out the section of pipe that is crimped down (only on one bank ?) as well.

Magnaflow is a straight through design so good for flow but I might go with a chambered design to add some deeper tone that I like. I know with true duals an x pipe is good to even out two banks. I assume the DI/SO does this pretty well or would it be better to do a y pipe just before the muffler and go SI/SO? I know this will add restriction but the pipe size is plenty large enough for the motor (6.0 with CAI and throttle spacer) and going too big reduces the ability of the system to scavenge the exhaust gasses. Basically this would take the 2 2.75" pipes and merge to a single 3" before muffler instead of inside the muffler, but will that setup even out the pressure better? Like I said I may be over thinking it and I tend to do thato_O. But that's why I am asking all the smart people in here:D.
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