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2000 Silverado Tilt Steering locked !!!!

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Does anyone know a solution for this? It is locked in the upright position.
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?? More info please.
Yes more info ,, please.

I know this is going to sound superior.

But did you try pushing the button, lever, what ever the release is shaped like?

We have a thread about tools and people going on my Fiero forum.

Sorry if I offended anyone here, but some more info on this subject would be very helpful, as far as if this is a mechanical problem or operator error.

Did you read the owners manual?

Are you pushing the lever, button in the correct direction?
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lol, be nice :) Hmm, maybe get some WD-40 and lube that sucker up and go at with with a crow bar if necessary.

Here's a photo of what a 2000 Silverado wheel should look like:
Silverado Parts
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Here's a photo of a wheel, I can't get the image to copy over, so go take a look.

It looks like it's the same on my 2002 Trailblazer. The release is the piece of plastic located on the left side of the steering column. It needs to be pulled towards the driver. I suppose it's possible that the cable or whatever connector is there became dislodged or broken.
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