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I'm having a hard time figuring out how my wheels are engaged in 4wd Hi(Lo). In 4wd Hi(Lo), are all 4 wheels locked, or do I just have one wheel in the front and back working? The manual says don't drive in 4wdHi(Lo) on dry pavement which usually means the wheels are locked, right?

If the diff isn't locked, can one have a Detroit Locker installed?

So then in Auto 4wd, how many wheels are engaged at one time.

Thanks guys.

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Welcome to the site!

Look at your RPO code list in the glove box and see if G80 is present. If so, you have a limited slip rear end, but the front end will be open. They didn't put that in the front because of having to turn and all. You don't want to drive it in 4wd on dry pavement because the front wheels and back wheels want to spin at the same rate and when you turn, they spin at different rates and will cause binding and possibly break things.

Not too familiar with so maybe someone else can help there.

In auto 4wd, it is basically 2wd except when the vehicle senses a tire spinning at a different rate than the rest and then it will kick into 4wd for a short time.
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