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2001 HD Silverado 2 to 3 inch lift

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have a 2001 gm (Silverado) 2500 HD an 8.1L Allison model. love all the capable option in the truck (obliviously with the exception of gas) I would like to increase ground clearance a couple inches. I'm aware of the 2inch torrision bar however finding a 3inch lift in the rear is a bit of an a obstacle.
I like the looks of a 4 and 6inch lifts however would not serve as a practical option for me as I haul horses and heavy equipment. as for the 2 and 3 inch lift, while I enjoy the factory stance on GM products. the truck looks level and would appreciate getting it back in order plus the few inches. That said I'm looking for the best possible option for this modification. Any help is appreciated thank you.
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