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2001 S10 Blazer Battery drain?

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The battery is new and after charging, the next day the battery is drained enough that the vehicle has barely enough power to start! Where is the first spot to check for power drain?
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I just typed this in an other thread, I've copied and I'll paste here:

The only way to find it, is to insert an amp meter in series with one of the battery cables, note the current reading and start removing fuses. One at a time (replacing each one after it is removed) until the circuit drawing the current is identified.

If you have a truck with the auto HVAC, check the blower fuses first.
Good info, Thanks!
I had both of the vanity mirror light switches fail in my '99 Suburban so they stayed on even when closed. Well, the switches worked fine, the part of the cover door that pushed the plunger switch down had broken off of both mirrors. Took me weeks to find it, even after I isolated the interior light circuit as the draining culprit. Then one night I had a need for something I had tucked up over the visor and was able to see the tiny bit of light leaking out from around the mirror cover door, something that was just not visible in the daylight. Those things hold two bulbs each, tiny but powerful. They'd kill a 850 amp battery in three days.
Bingo! The drivers cover is broken on it too! What did you do to disable the vanity lights? I'm out to see if the bulb can be pulled.
I broke the bulb and unless there is a fire hazard, I will leave it that way! So far that has cured the battery drain issue.
I concur! This is a fix without replacing the visors.
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