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Take off your abs control module. It should be 4 star bit T-20 screws holding it on. Unplug all 3 sets of wires.
Take the controller inside to take apart.
With a razor knife, slice around the edges of the metal lid. It is silicone that holds it on. There is 3 flat indentations on the metal lid, use a stiff putty knife or a flathead screwdriver to pry each indentation.
Pull off lid, clean off silicone, set aside.

With a soldering iron heat each solder point until it melts. You can add more solder which is what I did.

I circled in green the known problem solder points that must be addressed.

The 2 spots I circled in orange need to be cleaned off and then apply new thermal paste (heatsink compound). Completely cover the area in orange.

Also the areas circled in purple need to cleaned as well as on the lid. Apply the Thermal paste to each purple circle.

Then apply water pump gasket sealant to the edge of the case, only apply on the edge where the lid touchs the case.
Let dry for an hour.
Reinstall on truck.
Took me a total of 2 hours which included walking to the auto store to get the sealant and thermal paste. Autozone carries both. Oriellys carries the sealant only.

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