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2001 Tahoe fuel pump woes

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Hey folks, I have a 2001 Chevy Tahoe that I'm having reoccurring fuel pump problems with. I've replaced the fuel pump 2 times in the past 2 years. I guess it's possible that I have gotten 2 fuel pumps that only last a year each. They are Delco fuel pumps ordered from Rock auto. I can turn the key, hear the pump run, and it will start for just a few seconds. It's like I have to keep doing that until the fuel pump will stay running. Same symptoms as the last couple of times I changed the pump. Is there something else that could be going on that a new fuel pump will mask? I haven't had time to properly trouble shoot yet, but symptoms so far is just as its been previous. As always thanks in advance
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Don't run enough to need cooling? If your engine is running so is the pump.

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That was a question I had. I know I have heard it run for a few seconds and then cut off before I try to start it. So after it starts the fuel pump runs all of the time. It doesn't sputter or anything after it is running
What brand fuel pump are you using ?
AC Delco. I replaced it each time with what I took out originally. Pretty sure it had been replaced before
Well, I swapped the relay and it has been doing fine. Now I'm having a problem with the hvac mode door actuator.
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Is the HVAC door where you got the relay from? :LOL:
What's going on with mode door ?? What is doing or not doing?
It is real erratic. At first it was stuck in defrost. I figured it was the actuator, so I ordered another. Long story short, with any of the actuators that I have on hand at the house, I can't get an to calibrate, and they fail in different ways. I have found several "calibration" instructions, and even followed the one that came with the actuator, to no avail. Instructions do not mention what position the knob needs to be in. Actuator seems to come to you in the center position or "floor". I tried the cheap route on the actuators, but I now have an AC delco (what I had replaced it with before) on order. But I would like to come up with actual calibration instructions.
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