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2001 Tahoe fuel pump woes

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Hey folks, I have a 2001 Chevy Tahoe that I'm having reoccurring fuel pump problems with. I've replaced the fuel pump 2 times in the past 2 years. I guess it's possible that I have gotten 2 fuel pumps that only last a year each. They are Delco fuel pumps ordered from Rock auto. I can turn the key, hear the pump run, and it will start for just a few seconds. It's like I have to keep doing that until the fuel pump will stay running. Same symptoms as the last couple of times I changed the pump. Is there something else that could be going on that a new fuel pump will mask? I haven't had time to properly trouble shoot yet, but symptoms so far is just as its been previous. As always thanks in advance
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84 Blazer
What color scheme? We had a 2 tone brown 85. I loved that thing... Ding dong who bought it painted it black. 馃槶
I know I have heard it run for a few seconds and then cut off before I try to start it.
This is normal priming behavior.
Is the HVAC door where you got the relay from? :LOL:
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