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2001 Tahoe fuel pump woes

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Hey folks, I have a 2001 Chevy Tahoe that I'm having reoccurring fuel pump problems with. I've replaced the fuel pump 2 times in the past 2 years. I guess it's possible that I have gotten 2 fuel pumps that only last a year each. They are Delco fuel pumps ordered from Rock auto. I can turn the key, hear the pump run, and it will start for just a few seconds. It's like I have to keep doing that until the fuel pump will stay running. Same symptoms as the last couple of times I changed the pump. Is there something else that could be going on that a new fuel pump will mask? I haven't had time to properly trouble shoot yet, but symptoms so far is just as its been previous. As always thanks in advance
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Some models eat pumps for breakfast.

Some people will tell you that you need to keep the fuel level high enough that the liquid keeps the pump cool; they could be right; but I don't buy into that theory, I don't think the pump runs enough that it needs cooling.

Check the pump relay, the contacts may be burnt.

And as BYM says the current carrying capacity of the factory wiring is low, a heavier gauge may help (wish I had considered that on the '84 Blazer it loved pumps).

The other area to check is the condition of the ground.
Don't run enough to need cooling? If your engine is running so is the pump.

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Sorry, I meant that it doesn't run hard enough to need cooling.
This is my opinion, not scientific, I've never checked the temp of a submerged pump against the temp of an exposed pump.
I'm sure the impeller needs to be fully in the fuel to work reliably; but I do not believe the pump needs to be submerged in the fuel..
What color scheme? We had a 2 tone brown 85. I loved that thing... Ding dong who bought it painted it black. 😭
It was a medium to dark blue, just one colour. It had the 2.8 V6, manual 4x4 and a nice blue interior.
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