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It puts more info in the question or it gets broad answers the broad answer is...most of the c or k will fit, both from the older modular version's to the lts' some adaptation and or light mods may be required to go from modular to Lt... (Depending on what you have to work with) (Modular to lt...may not line perfectly on all bell housing bolt holes, will need the tq for the engine,(or similar, research stall speeds/splines and depth) the tq may not fit perfectly with flex plate(a little Oversizing may be needed) and or adapters/spacers if you aren't running the same trans from a different model, you can run into this from Lt to Lt also or heavier modular to Lt...depending on how deep you want to get, you may have to worry about mounts and drive line lengths... cross over u joints. Ecu programming, relay gang far do you want to go? Here is a list of options from factory for 02 GMC 1500
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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