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2002 rattle under dash or firewall

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Hi all,
new here and thought i would run it through you guys and gals. we just purchased a 2002 suburban and there is a rattle around the steering wheel and brake padal when the truck is rolling. it stops when the truck stops. i looked around and could find anything loose or rattling so i'm stumped.
any suggestions.
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Those odd sounds can be difficult to isolate. Are you sure it isn't coming from under the hood? For such situations I use a length of vacuum tubing and position it where I think the sound is coming from and then I listen at the other end. By moving the tubing around I can often identify the culprit. Let us know what you find.
Is it a rattle or a clunk? If it's the clunk - check out the following link. I've had this done twice on my '02 since new. Once under warranty and once myself about 9 months ago (still clunk-free at this point).

Hope this helps.
Thanks ecombe. I think you described it well. After really paying attention it is more like friction on the steering shaft and feels like a clunk when driving. i sat still with en enige running and felt it so what everyone keeps telling me is it is the steering shaft. What does this kit cost from the dealer? can it be purchased cheaper anywhere else?
thanks for the info.
Big Red,

I don't remember the exact price from the dealer? Maybe ~20 bucks or just under? I just remember thinking...damn, that's expensive for what you get in the kit. That's with anything you get from the dealer. It's basically a syringe with some grease. I sucked it up and got the kit. But I've saved the syringe for future applications (knock on wood - maybe I won't need it); hoping I can just refill with grease and have at it. I didn't have much luck finding it at any of the local auto parts stores.
thanks man i appreciate your time on this matter. it is driving me crazy everytime i turn the wheel.
I hope that fixes your problem and I'm glad that I can help.
Ecombe I see that you are in river ridge. I grew up in Metairie off Airline Hwy by Bryan Chevrolet. My aunt and uncle live in river ridge right off Jefferson hwy by the "S" turn. Small world.
not that I want to get this topic even more off-topic, but I'm a resident of Slidell....I think we have a New Orleans get-together in the works...that makes 4 N.O. residents :)
There is definetly something in the air in N.O. that keeps people there and brings them back when they leave. I'm guilty of being homesick since I joint the military in 1999. Geaux Saints!! Geaux LSU!!
I agree there's something about N.O. I grew up in River Ridge - just off of Jefferson Hwy near "Bobby's Seafood"; my mom and dad still live in the same house. I lived in Lakeview for a while; but moved back to River Ridge - just off of Jefferson Hwy near the "Blockbuster" - about 8 years ago. I'm an LSU alum; so I bleed Purple and Gold - and I'm a big Saints fan.
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