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2002 Z71 5.3 Programmer

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Anyone have any experience with any of the programmers? I am interested specifically for improving gas mileage.
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I just got a Hypertech off of ebay for my 00 z71. i can tell a difference in power and shift firmness. haven't had time to check mileage.
A buddy of mine bought the Hypertech for his 05 Silverado. He had put bigger tires and he used it to correct the speedometer and boost hp for climbing grades. He said that he didn't notice any real mileage improvement, but that the speedo was correct and it pulled much better on those long grades. I borrowed it thinking I could recal the speedo on my K2500, but it only lets you program one vehicle at a time. I didn't want to bother shelling out the $400 he paid for one, but I haven't given up the idea of buying one on ebay if I can get one that hasn't be used or is 'locked' to the previous vin. I took a look at the Bully Dog programmer and it doesn't tie you to 1 make. It allows you to pgrm chevy, ford, or dodge so if you do change makes, you done have to buy another programmer. BullyDog
I've had a Hypertech, Diablo Ppredator, Superchips Micro tuner and now have the newer Superchips Flashpaq which is upgradeable via the internet.
All do the same basic things.
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