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2003 Suburban 5.3 Tune-up-What all do I need?

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TB/MAF cleaner
Fuel filter
Air filter

All that stuff I know, but is there anything else? It has 136,000 miles, is there anything else I should do at this mileage? Don't kill me for this, but it has never had a tune up... But it had a coolant flush and fill with a water pump replacement at about 80k miles, and that's all the work it's ever had. (Bought it new)
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'll probably change the the trans fluid too. The transfer case has been taken care of. I'll check the belts while I'm in there. I have to take out the gauge cluster to fix the speedometer, so I'll do all this stuff at one time.

Also, yesterday, it started to make an odd noise around 700 RPM (Idles at about 500) especially when slowing down to a stop. I know it's not the brakes because they've got lots of life left. It's a grinding/rattling sound. Once it drops down to idle it stops. I noticed it in stop and go traffic yesterday. Anyone know what that could be before I have my mechanic ride with me to hear it?
Not yet. I hope to have in my garage tomorrow to check it out.
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