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2003 Trailblazer doesn't start

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Of course, the warranty's already up on this.... figures.

This is the 3rd time in 2 weeks that this has happened to me. I turn the key and nothing happens. The battery is fine, the lights work, radio, heater, everything. It simply won't start.

It's been towed twice now and both garages can't find a thing wrong with it. In fact they 'push' the thing into the garage and at some point it starts without any problems.

I keep seeing bits and pieces about the key fob having problems or the anti-theft causing this. This has never happened to me and then 3 times in such a short time-frame?

Has this happened to anyone else? Have you received any definitive information about why it happens?

Is there any way to fix this yourself? I read a post on another forum about turning the key and waiting exactly 15 minutes and then trying it again. This is driving me crazy and I'm tired of paying towing costs as I live out in the country.

Would sure be grateful for any and all ideas.
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same problem here

I have been having the same problem with our 2002 LTZ. Starts fine then out of the blue it wont start and has all the symptoms of a bad battery. However if you jump ours it will start right up and have no problems for a while then it does it again.

I have had ours to the dealer several times for this problem and of course they cant find any problems. Then I drive it away and a few weeks later my wife gets stranded 400 miles from home.

But finally...I have the issue drilled down. After hunting for the cause the problem is a bad ignition switch. I have read more forum posts than I can count and this was the fix for all of them. Also I have a friend that is a tech for a GM dealership and I spoke to him about this issue. He said the same thing, "you need a new ignition switch" so that is the route I plan to take as well. Sure glad I bought the extended warranty on this thing because I have had to use it numerous times now.

Anyway that is my suggestion to you, have the ignition replaced. I have read this can be anywhere from $125 to $175.
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Ignition..won't start...sometimes

Same problem here! Bringing it in to the dealer tomorrow. Will let you all know what the verdict and cost is. At least I can show them these posts and direct them to the problem right away. Thanks for the posts.
I've read the same thing too. Ignition switch or anti-theft module are to blame. It has not happened to my 2003 TB yet. So Good luck at dealer tomorrow.
I've got a similar issue with my 2002 TB, it's probably a bad ignition switch. $30 probably to get it fixed.
i have a similar problem but ive replaced ign switch, battery and fuel pump and still just cranks and not start any suggestions
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