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The door hinge can be a safety item and as such should be covered under warranty up to 50,000 I think. I hated it when they went from the bolted hinges on the old style to these welded hinges. Worst mistake they ever made.

I am a professional welder and I don’t think I would even attempt to fix that one. Mainly because I would hate to get the alignment wrong.

Sorry to here about your problems but wheel bearings on these frt. wheel, 4 wheel drive systems have been a problem for GM for years, I just replaced a set for one of my wife’s interns a couple of years ago on 01 Impala. The aren’t that bad to replace, but really should last longer.

You can try checking here to see if they have list the bearings or hinges as recalls or defects.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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