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At 56000 miles, I lost my left front wheel bearing. Now, at 106,000 I have lost my right front wheel bearing.

I have always owned ford diesel trucks. This is my first chevy. It LOOKS like it will very well be my last.

I don't understand... out of the 20 or so ford pick-ups my family has owned over the past 50 years, this has never happened, wheel bearing failure.

Fortunately, warranty covered the cost of the first wheel bearing that went bad. Dealer says he or General Motors will not cover lost of 2nd wheel bearing because it is a wear item. (I laughed outloud declaring it never a wear item on the FORDs I have owned or anyother Ford).

Supposedly, I was told by the chevy dealer parts department that the part has been redesigned because the old part was designed improperly. Yet, the dealer or GM will not warranty the defective wheel hub.


(another problem I had with this truck that the dealer would not fix was a defective weld in the driver door hinge which did not allow for the door to close properly. This occured at 30,000 miles)

Thank you for your replys,
Im a 90% GM guy, and ill tell you straight up, the previous ford diesel trucks you owned were better, hands down no questions asked, thats because they were international 7.3L powerstrokes, and thats the other 10% of me is a 7.3 diesel, but i mean i bet you cant remember how many times you replaced your center drag link, or even ball joints. Try getting in to one of the newer fords 6.0 diesels, yea right good luck youll have a rental more than the truck cus itlll be at ford all day, oil pumps, torque converters, oh and the best turbos at 20xxxkms. even the brand new 6.4l twin turbo diesels, i havent worked on them enough yet but theyre not looking to good. So yes you may have owned more reliable ford diesels in the past, but try it now, go back to ford and see how fast youll come back to just a wheel bearing.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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