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well, apperently we all are enjoying "like a rock" truck. with like a rock solid problems. no worry, GM gives rat's ass about your problems, some of their truck issues been going on for around 20 years without redesign or going for better quality. welcome to corporate america.

anyways, i have replaced my driver side hub about 4 mths ago. it was $170 schucks part, plus virtually 20 minute labor. so it's not the end of the world.

i, personally, and everyone i know, will never buy a ford. i had 2 and it was 2 too many. everyone i know with F150 hates those because of their terrible reliability. i, personally, would not have even ever considred a domestic, after happily owning many japanese makes, except that i got it dirt cheap and am being paid for biz mileage, so i don't give..... but no, though it fits my build very nicely, i will never again buy a domestic truck or any other car. in year of ownership, i had more repairs done to it than i had on 3 mitsubishes, 2 hondas, a toyota, scion, and lexus combined. and i am not lying.

just out of curiosity - what is banner doing in truck forum? i always thought VW rabbit and mazda miata were gay. chevy silverado??:party::party::party:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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