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GM wheel bearings

Another first in GM customer satisfaction. Mine were both shot at 60K with 1/2inch of play you can't feel in the steering wheel. My son just lost his left one on an 03 with 52K. All not warranty items because of time or mileage limits. I replaced mine in Jan 08 for $440 for parts. I just ordered a left one for his truck for $250, prices have risen. They offer no explanation or excuse for this premature failure, they should be ashamed of the failure rate because they cut cost by going to this design rather than staying with cup and cone which as we all know last forever. I've always had Fords, but they too are having problems with the new diesels which necessitates nose and cab removal, which is a story by itself!!! Maybe next time Toyota but NEVER A DODGE
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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