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Front Hub Bearing _POOR DESIGN

My 05 HD 4X4 went through both front hub assemblies after 37,000 miles and were replaced. At 69K they are about to be replaced again. The poor quality bearings combined with the poor integrated design and the lack of part knowledge of the design team is going to spend some time in a repair shop or garage replacing the integrated one-piece hub assembly (DUMB!!)

Don't know who the design engineer that created this integrated one-piece hub assembly for a heavy duty pickup, but that individual and the approving design team should either be shot or forced to drive and service the vehicle their ineptness foisted on the public. What bunch of FOOLS at GM. Hopefully, those inexperienced people are no longer on the GM truck design team.

Dynatrac has a Dana 60 straight axle replacement kit for the truck that would eliminate this stupid design. Otherwise your only option is buy a Ford (go Mulally) or a Ram. The GM 4X4 front suspension is a poor design and will not last the life of the truck.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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