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Ok a bad wheel bearing, if you did buy a ford you would have already replaced the hub from their stupid vacuum diaphram 4x4 hubs anyway. Or if you bought a 3 valver you would be removeing the cab to remove the head just to get the damn plugs out. Every truck has flaws so whoopdy doo a wheel bearing went out. I worked in a shop til my health went and from what i saw from our rough ne ohio weather the silverados hold up best and i bought one. 7 years later on a 12 yr old truck would still keep it and i plan to. Honestly i wouldnt buy anything 03'-06' just from the quality dip across the board for all makes. Yea IFS sucks but the consumers wanted it from bitching that trucks have a rough ride so thats why everyone uses it even on HDs. Buy a warranty bearing and forget it or buy a $40 one from ebay and bitch about replacing them. I also bet you beat the piss out of your truck nailing every pot hole and jumping every rail road track. So go ahead buy your ford and go bitch on their forums about quality or any other manufacturer bc its gonna happen either way.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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