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The 4wd will not engage in my suburban. The 'Service 4wd' light is on as soon as I start it. The switch would intermittently light up but would not change to anything other than 2wd. When trying to engage 4wd lo or hi it would blink for ever. I swapped the switch and it will do the same thing. Now, it won't light up at all and is stuck in 2wd. I replaced the encoder ring in the transfer case motor and still nothing. All my fuses look good. I'm not sure what else it can be.

However, I discovered a potential wiring issue underneath the driver side body. Looks like some wires were chewed up by a mouse or something. I don't know where these wires run or what to do to replace it. I'd like to test it with a multimeter so any suggestions would help.

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