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2005 Z71 Cigarette Lighter "Blow Out"

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This weekend I was using the Cigarette lighter power port to run a samll Campbell H. portable air compressor to add air to my tires. On my truck there are 2 power ports in the front. The one closest to the drivers side is equipped with a cigarette lighter. The port on the passenger side is an auxiliary which I use for cell phone charging, GPS, etc.

After a few minutes of running the compressor, it shut off. I initially figured the compressor overheated. It turns out the problem was in the power port. I plugged the compressor in the 12V auxiliary plug and the compressor went back to work (still nothing on the cigarette lighter).

I tried the typical troubleshooting I knew to do. I checked the fuse panel and the fuse schematic located in the cabin on the left side of the dash near the driver door. I could not find any indication (with a cross-reference to the user manual) for a fuse in-line with the cigarette lighter. So, I ended up checking all fuses in this panel (kind of a pain but I though it would reveal the trouble spot).

I found no blown fuses...

Everything else seems to be in fine working order (radio, lights, in-dash lights, A/C/heat, auto-dimming mirror with compass, CD player/changer, rear entertainment system, sunroof, door locks, etc.). The second 12V port (passenger side) where I have my Nuvi 350 plugged in still works despite the cigarette lighter status.

I am looking for any thoughts on where this fuse could be that supports the cigarette lighter or other advice what could be causing this problem.

Any input would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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its a stupid 15 amp fuse in the engine compartment . I had the same issue and i almost ripped out all of my hair looking for it
Boy... do I feel stupid. Thanks for the guidance.

All is well.
Glad it was something simple. We have all been here and have even stumbled upon this great site for answers to questions such as yours as well as very technical questions. That's the joy of hanging out here and learning more about your truck and even contributing to the treads if you have advice.
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