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2006 Silverado Transmissions

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im having problems w my tranny...anyone else....2004 1500 silverado
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My tranny seems to be ok...2002....but my rear U-joint had to be replaced and my aluminum driveline has an internal defect causing it to making little cracking sounds upon acceleration.....anyone wanna give me their driveline? :) (they're spendy!)
What's a driveline go for these days for a 2002?
Actually I haven't gotten a quote from a GM dealership for an OEM one...but from looking online at custom ones with aftermarket U-joints and both yokes, its around $450 :( I'm still looking around though....I might try and find one in the wrecking yard to save some money. I'd rather much spend my money on moddin' the truck up and not replacing parts that are supposed to last!
Really, I didn't think that a driveline was that much money!

Have you had any luck finding parts for an 06 in the boneyards?
Sorry, I read the subject line, your's is a 2002. Should be able to find one for less money, I would have no problem at all putting in a driveline from a wreck, they SHOULD last 50 years.
Yeah I agree...I just havent had time to go look around yet ! hehe
chevydude said:
im having problems w my tranny...anyone else....2004 1500 silverado
I just got rid of my 4.8l 1500 ext cab becuase the tranny was bugging out. stepped up to the crew with more power. my brother in law has a 2003 but hasnt had no problems yet.
I'm changing from the 4L80E trans. to the Allison 5-speed. Is the gear indicator in the instrument cluster the same or different?

1999 2500 2WD
I know this is a very rare and complex question, but I want to know the specifications of the flywheel of a 2006 1500 Silverado with a 4.3 V6 engine with 5 speed manual gearbox. :D :lol:
my 2002 silverado 4.8L was slipping a bit and then tonight it really staerted slipping woulnt even go out of third and revs up to rev limiter to shift out of 2nd to 3rd, think its my tranny pouched or think a service might catch the problem??
I have 78000 miles on my '04 Z71 and have not had any tranny prolbems, YET! I am a pretty mild driver though.
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