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2007 Chevy Tahoe: Selling Like Gangbusters
By Matthew Keegan

The jury is in regarding the recently released big SUVs from General Motors: they are an overwhelming success story. The Chevy Tahoe along with its GMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalade siblings are bringing in big gains for GM. Just in time too as the automaker pares excess capacity, closes plants, and lays off tens of thousands of workers. So, what is it about the Tahoe that is stimulating sales? Everything!

Just what is it about the new Tahoe that is bringing in the customers? With sales up nearly 50% over the previous year’s model there has to be something that sets the big SUV apart from its predecessor. In fact, everything has changed with the Tahoe as it is an all new model:

New body – The size of the Tahoe remains about the same: it is big. Yet, the body has been restyled with fresh sheet metal giving the truck a thoroughly modern and imposing look. The Tahoe is much more aerodynamic than the preceding model with a wind drag that is lower than the smaller Porsche Cayenne SUV according to Chevrolet.

New engine technology – Back during the 1980s, GM experimented and failed when it launched Cadillac vehicles that could shut down unneeded cylinders at various times during the engine cycle. Two decades later, the company has perfected the technology and its “displacement on demand” engines are some of the most economical motors sold today. In fact, car critics have noted that the Tahoe’s fuel mileage is comparable to the much smaller Kia Sorento.

New interior features – GM squeezed extra room out of the already roomy Tahoe interior by sculpting out more space from seat backs, doors, and the headliner. The result is an even roomier feel for passengers. In addition, Chevrolet is reporting that the new Tahoe is 20% quieter than its predecessor thanks to acoustic dampening materials and the improvements in aerodynamics.

Rallying cry -- Besides the progress over the previous model, there is one other thing that is stimulating sales: owner loyalty. GM’s misfortunes haven’t gone completely unnoticed by loyalists who enjoy the big SUV and insist on supporting the brand. Typically, when any popular model is redone, sales do surge. However, in the face of high fuel prices the lift that Chevrolet is getting is much higher than had been expected. This is good news for GM as the SUVs carry a high per unit profit margin to them; money the “general” needs as it attempts to right its listing ship.

Of course, not everyone wants a vehicle the size of the Tahoe. Instead, they will have to wait a few more months before the even bigger Suburban joins the line up. And you thought I was about to mention some sort of compact SUV, right? Not for Chevy owners who are loyal to their big trucks, vans, and SUVs!

Copyright 2006 – Matt Keegan is a full time writer covering the classic cars and future models. To keep your vehicle performing great, shop the Cool Air Intake shop for the best selection of performance parts.

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07 Tahoe

Thanks Steve for the link. Chevy has definitely got me hooked on their big SUV line. A week ago I walked into my local dealer with my 94 K5 blazer and walked out with a brand new 07 Tahoe. One week later my kids are asking me to take the long way home.
This being my first New Car, I have some questions if you don't mind. How soon can I change my cat back? What brand would you recommend? I'm partial to Borla or flowmaster. Should I change my intake filter? Do I change the chip or is there a module I can hook up to save the factory settings and modify accordingly? I'm looking for performance and increase gas mileage.
Thanks for your time and any web sites you might recommend would be appreciated.

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