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2007 sierra automatic climate control issues

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Truck is new body style 07. Has the auto climate control. Every now and then ab quits blowing from main vents and goes to defrost. Only way to make it go back to main vents is to shut truck off and I guess it resets itself. But in a day or two it will do it again. Anyone else having these issues or know what it is?
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Anyone else ever run into this. I have noticed it only does this on ac. Blowing in fresh air or heat it never does it. Only when ac is on.
Hmmm, ok, it worked fine over the winter. It has to be something in the mode switching. Does it act just like you manually selected the defrost?

Possibly in the control unit in the dash, or (and by not being there, I can only guess), the connector to the control unit.

If there is a moisture sensor (to tell the control unit the windshield is wet), perhaps it is faulty.
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