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2007 Silverado AEM Intake System R&D

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Hello Everyone,
AEM is looking for Silverado with 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 engines for intake system development. The vehicle must be located in the Los Angeles Area, and must have the stock intake. Testing should take no longer then 2 weeks and transportation arrangements can be made if necessary. In exchange for your assistance AEM will provide you with a free AEM intake system. AEM is fully insured and while your vehicle is in our possession it is fully protected. Information on AEM can be found on our web site at: Please e-mail any responses or questions to [email protected]

I look for a link where I could ask the site for permission, but I did not find any.

Thank You,
Ken Ying
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Yeah, if only you were located a bit further east i would be able to help you out.
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