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I just bought a new 2007 Tahoe and put my 22's on it that were on my 20004Avalanche. The problem that I am having is no that the new wheels are on I have a warning light constantly on telling me that the tahoes computer can't read the tire pressure. Anyone know how to disable this warning?

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you cant . Did you also transfer the wheel sensors that are needed for ur 07? you may need new ones. after you got them installed you need to have you 07 relearn the sensors. that can be done i had to do that with my 04 when i went to 22"s from the stock 15"s

on the 04's and up its

turn the ingition key to on position
push down the emergency brake

turn the light switch from off to parking lights/markers only and switch off
switch on ..switch off 4/6 times within 6 seconds you will hear two honks from the horn you will quickly see your tire pressure warning icon flash on the cluster

Get out of truck ! release a couple psi from the drivers side tire..wait ...
you will hear a honk from the truck go to the passenger front let out a few psi only then wait...moments later you will hear the honk again.

proceed to the rear drivers side let out a psi meaning a 1-2 lbs only not letting the tire go flat :) wait a few minutes and the truck will honk .

proceed to the last tire and do the same thing .
turn the key back to off
then turn on to test after that the message will disappear.
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