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2008 chevy silverado wheel spacer question??????????

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I was wondering which would be the best wheel spacer for my truck. I have a 7.5 inch lift and 33 13.50's rub at full lock in reverse. They don't rub when turning at full lock forward just reverse. I was thinking it's just the tire being so wide compared to a 12.50. I plan on getting 35 12.50's and before i want to make sure which wheel spacer i need in order for no rubbing at all, comments and answers needed!!
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You should be fine with a 1.5" wheel spacer. whats the back spacing on your rims?
my rim is a 18x9 with 0 offset and 6x5.5 i believe i'm gona buy they 1.5 inch wheel spacers from rough country for 69$ which isn't bad and since i already got the 7.5 inch lift system i'll go with them and hopefully the rubbing will be gone. I will probably order them before i put the 35's on and go with a 35 12.50 and shouldn't be any problems at all.I'll let yall know when i order them thanks guy's.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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